Supply of Refurbished Analytical Instruments

Apart from Repair / Maintenance, we supply the following Imported Refurbished Analytical Instruments from U.S.A. / Canada

• UV Visible Spectrophotometers
• Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers
• H.P.L.C.s
• Gas Chromatographs

The term Refurbishment is Remanufacturing of Old / Classic model Instruments in a Brand New condition. Most of the important Parts like Sensors, Detectors, Optics, Heaters, Lamps, PCB’s, etc., will be replaced newly. The External Appearance will have a new look without compromising the Sensitivity / Accuracy of the instrument.

The Refurbished Instruments are supplied with 50% lesser costs compared to New Instrument with one year complete Warranty. Delivery period will be within 2 – 6 weeks subject to the availability of instruments from our Principals. Being a service providing company, we assure the spares / service availability of the instruments supplied by us to a minimum period of next 7 - 10 years with a regular periodical maintenance.

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